Jewelpet Happiness

  • Other title:
  • Genres: FantasyMagicShoujo
  • Year: 20132014
  • Status: Completed
  • English: Sub
  • Summary:

    Watch Jewelpet Happiness full episodes English sub online.
    The series focuses on the main heroine Chiari Tsukikage and her friends on managing the Jewelpet Cafe. One day at the magical world of Jewel Land, Lady Jewelina entrusted Ruby the Magical Jewel Box with a mission to make friends and collect Magic Jewels. At the same time she needs to attend the Jewel Academy to do so and open a shop called the Jewelpet Cafe. However with her friends, things didn’t go well as planned with several failed mishaps happened to her and the students being scared, in the point of Ruby giving up. But when she met a young girl named Chiari Tsukikage and decides to help, Ruby’s life is about to change forever. Now, she and her friends now must work together for the cafe to prosper, stick together through good and bad luck as well as protecting the Jewel Box from being stolen.
    Sources: Myanimelist, Wikipedia

Episode List:
Jewelpet Happiness-episode-1- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-2- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-3- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-4- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-5- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-6- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-7- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-8- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-9- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-10- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-11- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-12- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-13- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-14- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-15- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-16- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-17- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-18- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-19- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-20- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-21- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-22- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-23- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-24- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-25- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-26- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-27- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-28- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-29- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-30- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-31- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-32- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-33- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-34- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-36- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-37- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-38- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-39- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-40- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-41- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-42- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-43- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-44- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-45- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-46- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-47- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-49- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-50- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-51- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-52- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-35- Jewelpet Happiness-episode-48-


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